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Car rental what formalities should

&Nbsp;     as is car rental peak during major holiday, we first of all should be booked in advance, under normal circumstances, public accounts in Guangzhou, provided copies of a driver's license, ID card copy can rent, but some will require drivers to provide certificate of house property, and drivers in the field-proven, field staff needed guarantees.  

       whether it is a local or a foreigner, rental cars are the first advance deposit amount is charged based on the vehicle price, new or old.  

       car, customers should carefully observe the condition and appearance, carefully check the mileage, because most of the car has a limited mileage on vehicles per day, if the mileage will charge an additional fee of 1 to 2 Yuan per kilometer.  

       addition, if unfortunate accidents car rental getaway, be sure not to repair their own cars, to hire in the first place.  


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