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Four types car rental tenants in detail

&Nbsp;    now, there are more and more car owners, many owners want to make effective use of cars to earn some extra money, car rental industry was rising. Many criminals playing the car rental bad idea, so rental cars also need to proceed cautiously, be sure to choose a regular leasing company, rent a car to explore leasing companies before and don't forget to sign the formal contract. Here to introduce you to the following four types, Guangzhou car rental customers will see.  

     travel assistance insurance. It was launched jointly by the insurance companies with the International Rescue Centre, both at home and abroad, wherever encountered dangerous situations, can call to obtain free assistance. Passenger accident insurance. Provide risk prevention services for tourist transport, 5% for the General visitor ticket and ticket insurance, insurance coverage is generally 20,000 yuan each, including accidental medical gold 10,000 yuan. Travel personal accident insurance. To participate in the adventure and thrill visitors, starting from the insurance policy the insurance period, until the left attractions and scenic spots. Travelers life insurance. Generally every 1, from the date of lodging starting at 0 o'clock insurance period of 15 days after expiry renewal, each visitor can purchase multiple copies. The protection provided by this type of insurance are mainly accommodation passenger insurance of 5000 Yuan, accommodation in premium passengers heroic 10,000 yuan, for passenger belongings have been accidental damage or theft loss compensation of 200 Yuan.  


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